Jeremy Goodman

Professor of Astrophysical Sciences
Office Phone
129 Peyton Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Professor Jeremy Goodman received A.B‭. ‬and A.M‭. ‬degrees in physics from Harvard in 1979‭, ‬and his Ph.D‭. ‬in Astrophysics from Princeton in 1983‭.  ‬After postdoctoral fellowships at Caltech and the Institute for Advanced Study‭, ‬he joined the Princeton faculty in 1988‭.‬ Prof‭. ‬Goodman is broadly interested in theoretical astrophysics‭,‬ especially astrophysical fluid dynamics and magnetohydrodynamics‭,‬ preferring analytic or semianalytic to fully numerical work‭.‬ Favorite applications include accretion disks of protostars and QSOs‭,‬ tides in stars and extrasolar planets‭, ‬planetesimal formation‭, ‬and gamma-ray bursts‭. ‬For his Ph.D‭. ‬and several years thereafter‭, ‬he specialized in the N-body dynamics of dense stellar systems‭.‬ Prof‭. ‬Goodman is associated as a theorist with experimental efforts at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory to study hydrodynamic and MHD instabilities relevant to astrophysics‭ (‬http‭://‬‭).‬