Tuesday, Mar 9, 2021

Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman, assistant professor of mathematics,  and PGI associated faculty studies partial differential equations, general relativity, and other topics that influence our understanding of space, time, and black holes. Shlapentokh-Rothman earned his B.S. at Stanford University and his Ph.D.

Monday, Dec 16, 2019
AWM Dissertation Prize 2020

Elena Giorgi, Lisa Sauermann, and Nicole Looper to receive the fourth annual Association for Women in Mathematics Dissertation Prize.


Monday, Sep 17, 2018
by Gravity Initiative
Faculty from the departments of Physics, Mathematics and Astrophysics announce launch of the Gravity Initiative Theory at the Intersection of Astronomy, Mathematics and Physics
Sunday, Aug 19, 2018

A snapshot of the gravitational wave emission following the formation of a black hole by the collision of two, plane-fronted gravitational waves, from a recent study by Pretorius and East. The full animation can be downloaded from...